We are a small exclusive centre as our passion is to generate a warm and person community where our students feel very confident and relaxed which helps so much with their learning process. We are much more than an academy. We have studied neuroscience and coaching in order to understand how our students learn and to teach/coach in the most effective and efficient way. No two brains are the same and we all have different learning styles. Our mission is to create the perfect environment for our students to make progress.

We have specialised in Medical, Legal and Business English but we also have has amazing success with our Senior students. It is never too late to learn and we now have scientific proof of that from neuroplacticity studies. Everywhere has been coaching exams for more than 20 years with 85% pass rate ! We offer exam coaching in very small groups. As you can see from our references/ testimonials we have worked with most of the big companies/ organisations in Tarragona and recently on line to students from all over the.world.

We also offer short effective particulares in packs according to objectives.

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