Prueba de nivel de inglés gratis

Prueba de nivel de inglés gratis

Complete the following sentences with the options given:

1. _________________ your sister have a car?

2. How _________________ are you ?

3. That's not my coat. It's _________________

4. I _________________ go out tonight. I have to study.

5. There isn't _________________ coffee. Do you want tea?

6. Simon is busy at the moment. He _________________ to a client.

7. You really _________________ eat so many sweets. You'll get fat.

8. We _________________ to Barbados. I bought the tickets yesterday.

9. I think Tokyo is _________________ than Mexico.

10.A: What would you like to drink, sir?
B: I _________________ a whisky with ice, please.

11. When you see Sue, can you tell her _________________ me?

12. Where _________________ you born?

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